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Pinball Double Featurette DVD Released

The Pinball Donut Girl & Wade Krause: Pinball Artist Double Featurette DVD is available.





  • Pinball Donut Girl (10 minute Festival Version), Official Selection at Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival, Gen Con Film Festival, and others
  • Wade Krause: Pinball Artist (16 minutes) Official Selection at Cinequest Film Festival, Biografilm Festival (Bologna, Italy), etc
  • Pinball Donut Girl Director’s Cut (18 minutes)
  • Lots of Additional Bonus Material, including HD versions of The Visible Pinball Game and Pacific Pinball Expo 2012.
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2 thoughts on “Pinball Double Featurette DVD Released Leave a comment

  1. “Pinball Donut Girl” (Which is a pathetic effort) should NOT even be on the same DVD as the wonderful “Wade Krause: Pinball Artist” feature! I hope my $ contribution went towards the Wade Krause feature. If not, oh well!

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