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New Short Film: Life After a Neurological Event

I was very pleased to be able to share a new short film, Life After a Neurological Event, at Open Show Santa Cruz, June 2021. The film is a huge collaboration that gives voice to the students at the Cabrillo College Stroke and Learning Disability Center near Santa Cruz, CA.

You can watch the film below or here.

The process of creating this film had some new twists in response to pandemic restrictions. All the interviews were conducted and captured via zoom. The photographic content was created by a large group of photographers in response to prompts and interview audio clips, and then individual images were selected by the interviewees for personal resonance. (A colleague described this process as a cross between art therapy and extreme stock photography.) And as with the Stanford Great Jazz Revival films, all editorial collaboration was at a distance.

Photographer Lesley Louden and Brandy Dickinson of the SDLC exec produced, the wonderful Laura Batistich saved our bacon with her audio expertise, and Noah Gray composed original music. I worked on the story and interview design, contributed images, and edited.

Open Show itself was new to me, and I’m hooked. It’s a wonderful global concept with events in cities around the world showcasing photography and allowing viewers to meet and interact with artists as they show their work live. I was honored to join two other fantastic artists on the program: Lesley Louden and Vivian Vargas. Look for an Open Show in your area; I encourage you to attend and submit your work.

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