Projections for Teal Crane Trio Concert


Live and commissioned projections I provided for a Teal Crane Trio concert at Mountain View Community School of Music and Arts in April 2017.  Wonderful collaboration not just with the Teal Crane musicians, professional pinball player Devon Kelly, and the CSMA, but also the Pacific Pinball Museum, who provided a vintage game for the stage and fun pinball based STEM exhibits for the CSMA lobby.

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 9.33.35 AMScreen Shot 2017-04-08 at 9.36.35 AM.png

Contact Photography: Roller derby

This summer I started photographing flat track roller derby, working with the Peninsula Roller Girls.


I love the crazy fashion.



And the traditions.


Once the bout gets going, the women get fierce.





I took a spill myself last time — this is what it looks like when you collide with a ref.



I think he’s saying, “Next time wear a helmet, Newman!”

Nevada Democratic Caucus: Fake it till you make it

Hillary Supporters at Nevada Caucus 2016

California doesn’t caucus. But I have new expertise in the arcana after filming in Reno, Nevada for ARay Studios. Nevada Democratic caucus goers met in rural schools and urban stripmalls to support their candidates, and volunteers shepherded them through the complexity.

Both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton held rallies. Bill Clinton attended in Hillary’s place, filling the small Clinton HQ on the edge of Reno. The crush in the tiny room seemed like a security nightmare; maybe it’s a ho-hum event for the pros.

Secret Service keep an eye on Former President Bill Clinton at the Hillary Campaign Headquarters during the 2016 Nevada Democratic Caucus

I hadn’t been to Reno since the 1970s, shameful because it’s only a few hours away.

Reno Nevada Strip                Storm over Reno, Nevada clears for Nevada Democratic Caucus 2016

Nevada has a reputation for poor voter turnout.  I asked a volunteer about that, and he said Nevadans, especially younger voters, feel disenfrancished. The young people we interviewed were deeply passionate and well informed, especially in the Bernie camp, so maybe the tide will turn.

Nevada Bernie Sanders Rally


Photo by a Bernie student volunteer. Trevor (in photo above) traveled from San Francisco to help caucus.


Smart Girls Everywhere

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 8.44.47 AM

I had the great pleasure of coordinating a shoot for Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls at EA.  In addition to the awesome Smart Girls in front of the camera, I was fortunate to work with local women behind the camera as well:  DP Kristina Willemse and ACs Viktoria Raykova and Audrey Daniel. Can you believe this was my first time I working with a woman director (the talented Hanley Banks)?

Thanks to everyone on the crew for their fine work and to Little Giant and Chater as well.  It’s terrific to be able to hire local and collaborate with the inspiring Bay Area gaming community, particularly the crew of Sims 4.

Enjoy the first of several episodes we filmed: