Professor Priya Kandaswamy of Mills College speaks with me about VR and Sex Work

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Had a great interview this week with Professor Priya Kandaswamy  who teaches Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Mills College.  Priya is participating in a new project I’m working on about women making VR pornography.  She had many thoughtful ideas about these complex topics.

About sex work and tolerance:

“Changing our cultural conceptions about sex in general would do a tremendous amount to shift the conversation about sex work. In our culture, sex is deeply associated with ideas of morality. Someone can not be into pornography and someone can be into pornography, and it doesn’t have to be a moral clash between those two people. This goes beyond sex in our society and understanding diversity as a positive thing. Moving away from these ideas that there is one way to be. There are lots of different ways to be, and all those different ways to be can exist side by side.”

And VR:

“You could inhabit a different perspective…I think it’s really important for us to think about ways in which our perspectives are limited. It’s interesting to think about a technology that would enable you to see from different perspectives.  But I guess I would question what kind of transformative impact that really has.”  

What if you took on another person’s POV in VR?

“The experience of being a woman is something you live with social consequence all of your life.  To be in that experience for a short period of time might provide you some insight, but I don’t think it really tells you what it’s like to be a woman, right? That insight doesn’t translate to you having to then go outside and get catcalled or get paid less than a male counterpart.  A lot of our experience of these social differences has to do with the material structures around us and how they shape our lives.  The virtual experience, perhaps it provides some sort of understanding, but it doesn’t change those structures. The danger is that it creates an illusion that you understand when maybe you really don’t. … There is a difference between the embodied experience of living an identity and playing with that identity for a little while.”

Priya also brought up something that’s been bothering me — will VR be accessible to everyone, or just a “playground for the wealthy?” I’m looking forward to further discussions with Priya and her students!


I’m having a great time this week screening my film about fine art sculptor and monster maker Dug Stanat in his actual booth at Son of Monsterpalooza in LA.


Dug with costumed guests at Son of Monsterpalooza 2015

Enjoy the film below to see Dug make one of his small sculptures from start to finish.  You’ll love his work as much as the fans and industry experts at the show.

Thanks to my Zero Point Crew

DP Christian Serge with custom surround Rig he developed for Condition One

DP Christian Serge with custom surround Rig he developed for Condition One

As Zero Point prepares to release, I want to thank all the talented people I’ve met and worked with on this first ever immersive film for VR. Groundbreaking or not, you’ve got nothing without a great crew, and Zero Point has a terrific team. Guided by the amazing creative and technical vision of Director and Founder Danfung Dennis and DP Christian Serge, we’ve tackled new frontiers together. I can’t wait for the next shoot!


Danfung and Christian on location in Los Angeles


Chris Wheeler, flying with Captain 3D


Phil ‘Captain 3D’ McNally


Casey Brown, C1 Producer and CFO at VHIL shoot with Cody Karutz at Virtual Human Interaction Lab


AC Sean St. Louis with Christian prepping camera rig.


Pete Wilkins with Palmer Luckey at GDC


Exec Producer Lily Achatz during C1 Press Tour
photo by Danfung Dennis

zero point time wired slate

Zero Point Makes National News


Frame from one angle of our multi-cam rig on location of a high tech preparedness training exercise with US Marine Corps, Camp Pendleton


The immersive documentary I’m producing with Academy Award nominated director Danfung Dennis is making the news big time.  People are very excited when they experience a film on the Oculus Rift — it puts you into the movie in a whole new way.  Check out a web and interactive version of the trailer on Reelhouse.  We’ll be distributing this spring via Steam and on the web. You can keep current on Reelhouse.