anna (at) annanewmangroup (dot) com

anna newman

photo by Charlie Kuttner

Anna is an award winning filmmaker and documentary photographer, specializing in films about artists and innovators. Anna delights in bringing order to the world, and ever since her mother found four-year-old Anna organizing Brach’s candy bins at the local market, she has supported colleagues and collaborators to reach their creative and financial goals. With a background in engineering management (DreamWorks Animation, Adobe) and an MA in music, she finds ways to honor both the technical and the artistic aspects of filmmaking. A presenter at SIGGRAPH and other technical conferences, Anna’s films screened at Sundance New Frontier, Cinequest, numerous indie film festivals and conventions, and curated museum exhibits in the US and abroad. Anna no longer sorts candy, but she has been known to fondle color chips at the hardware store.

A native of Santa Cruz, California, Anna lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and a polydactyl cat, Mr. Toes.


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