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About & Contact

Anna Newman is an award winning filmmaker and documentary photographer, specializing in the stories of artists and innovators. 

photo by Charlie Kuttner

With a background in computer engineering (DreamWorks Animation, Adobe) and an MA in music, Anna finds ways to honor both the technical and the artistic aspects of photography. Anna’s photographs have been published in the online edition of the New York Times, selected for national student art competitions, and published in local Bay Area media. Her films screened at Sundance New Frontier, Cinequest, numerous indie film festivals and conventions, and curated museum exhibits in the US and abroad.

Anna is currently working on a long term photography project about gentrification in her once working class suburban California neighborhood, now home to Facebook. A native of Santa Cruz, California, Anna lives in Reno, Nevada with her husband and a polydactyl cat, Mr. Toes.

anna (at) annanewmangroup (dot) com


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  1. Hi Anna
    Thank you very much for taking my piece on.because it is last minute please listen to the MP3 I sent out
    Thanks sooo much

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